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DTF is the abbreviation of Direct to Film. Direct to Film printing allows users to print their logos and/or artwork onto a special type of coated PET film. This film is then used to transfer the printed image onto textiles using a lightweight powder adhesive that can be applied manually or by using an automatic powder shaker to distribute the adhesive evenly across the artwork and film, and with this added step, the transfer process is made possible.

Why choose DTF

  • No cutting and weeding required
  • Crisp, defined edges and images from start to finish
  • No advanced technical printing knowledge required
  • A great option for small orders
  • Low cost on waste
  • Low investment – high reward

Works on most fabrics including non-treated cotton, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, leather,

Print Head Standard:XP600 Option:i3200
Print Speed XP600: 6Pass 4.5m2/h, 8Pass 3.5m2/h i3200: 4Pass 10m2/h, 6Pass 6m2/h, 8Pass 4m2/h
No. of Print head 1-2
Printing Accuracy 3602400dpi, 3603600dpi, 7202400dpi (6Pass and 8Pass)

Printer Size 900mm(L)480mm(W)510mm(H)

Maximum Printing Width 330mm Ink Type Textile Pigment Ink FY/FM/FB/FR/FG/C/M/Y/K/W

Gross Weight Printer:60kg Powder Shaker:45kg

Working Power Supply 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

Packing Size 960mm(L)630mm(W)620mm(H) 780mm(L)610mm(W)*710mm(H)
The Ironing Temperature 160-170℃
Printing Software Maitop 6.1/ Photoprint
Power Consumption Printer:0.35kW Powder Shaker:2.4kW
Three heating sections Preheater, Printing bed heater, Rear heater 30-65℃