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Jachete cilindrii perfector

Jachete LMC pentru cilindrii perfector

LMC Jacket from Micro Controls Inc
Our jackets are topped with Liquefied Metal Coating (LMC tm) on ceramic base for best ink repellency and durability.
Various thickness and hardness of steel base metal, meeting requirement and specification of each and every press makers, is used in many different kind.
Total thickness including base metal runs from 0.270mm to 0.365mm. SUS 301, 304 and others are used per press maker°Øs specification.
Many different design of jackets are available on request.
Both side bent, one side bent, one side bent while other side having a certain curve are all available from Micro Controls.
Roughness of surface is adequately achieved to best suit best print quality.
LMC jacket shows best ink repllency by lotus effect from LMC top coat.
Hardness of top coat shows stronger than any other’s jackets.
LMC jackets are durable for years, showing outstanding resistancy against solvent and heat.
LMC jackets are easily cleaned, manually or automatically, with commercially available washing agents.

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